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Mayweather Mosley 24/7 Episode 1 Recap

The first episode of Floyd Mayweaher & Shane Mosley 24 7 premiered on Saturday evening, and the episode starts with an explanation of how these two fighters had never met in the ring despite their long and storied careers but finally it’s happening. Mayweather says Mosley is lucky to fight him, and Mosley says that Mayweather is backed into a corner and isn’t the best like he says he is.

Mayweather says that everybody can have their own opinion about him, but if you don’t really know him then maybe you should just take a step back and look at your own life and your own situation. Mayweather drives to the gym and gets to hitting the pads with uncle Roger to some old school Nas in the background. Floyd Sr. is in the gym, and we see that Floyd maintains a 7-person security detail at the gym.

Then we look back at the Mayweather vs. Marquez bout from last September. Mayweather says he worries about nothing in the ring, and that he made $30 million for fighting Marquez. He’s happy the fight went the distance because he got rounds under his belt, and he says that Marquez is a great fighter.. regardless of if he drinks his own urine! Then we flash to Mosley and Hopkins coming into the ring after Mayweather’s fight, and Mayweather’s anger over the situation.

Now we’re in Big Bear taking a look at Mosley’s camp, and the peaceful town setting. Mosley is angry that people are still talking about Pacquiao vs. Mayweather – because he doesn’t believe Mayweather will win the fight against him. He says he’s just as fast as Mayweather is, he has longer arms and can hit him first and that this is a real fight and he knows it. Naazim Richardson is in camp and we flash back to the Mosley vs. Margarito bout, the first time the two had worked together.

Of course, Richardson discovered the illegal wrapping of Margarito’s hands. He thought the fight would be canceled and that Margarito would be hauled off to jail for attempted assault. Of course, by the end of the evening Mosley gave Margarito his due punishment in the ring, and in the process rejuvenated his career once again. We hear about the cancellation of the Mosley vs. Berto fight due to the Haitian earthquake, which paved the way for this bout to get signed and sealed after the implosion of Pacquiao vs. Mayweather.

The two sit down for the initial interviews and Mosley says that when Mayweather was just getting started in the sport he told him that when he got up in the ranks he wanted to be just like him. This pisses Mayweather off, he goes off for a while about how he’s the face of boxing, he’s the cash cow, he holds the PPV record, he made more money in the last two fights than Mosley has made in his career and so forth. Mosley says that as a partner of Golden Boy, he signs Mayweather’s checks.

Then we hear about how the Olympic style drug testing will be used in the Mosley vs. Mayweather bout. Both because of the Pacquiao negotiations and because of Mosley’s past with BALCO and what he says is his unknowing use of designer steroids before his second bout with Oscar De La Hoya. Mayweather says he’s always done it all natural and without help, and Mosley is clearly bothered by the continued accusations and mentions of this past incident.

Members of USADA, United States Anti Doping Agency come into the gym. Mayweather is happy to be taking a test today, and says he is truly trying to take a stand for what he believes is right, because too many fighters are dying, getting brain damage, getting hurt in the ring. Mayweather gives his urine sample, but he’s dehydrated and needs to fill it up completely. He also has to wait 2 hours for a cool down period before his blood can be taken.

In a somewhat hilarious scene, the two USADA agents have to accompany Mayweather to his house and hang out with him until they can finish taking his blood. They seem less than comfortable hanging out at Chez Mayweather while he runs his mouth about a basketball game on TV. The entire process for Mayweather to fill up his urine sample takes 5 hours because of how dehydrated his body is from training.

Back to Camp Mosley, we see him relaxing a bit and taking a part of a local bowling league in Big Bear. The other residents say how much of a part of the community Shane is. He’s been on the same bowling team for 4 or 5 years, and he enjoys being a part of everyday Big Bear life. The USADA make their third visit to Mosley’s camp in the last 10 days. Mosley says it doesn’t bother him, he could do it everyday if they wanted to. It’s something that needs to be done so he’ll do it without problem. He says it’s also good for the public since it was played up that he was a steroid user and that’s what his career was built on. Of course he says that’s not the case.

Back to Vegas, it’s the 1st annual Floyd Mayweather Foundation Gala that Mayweather is hosting at the MGM Grand, to help give back to the community and those who need it most. Mayweather Jr. and Sr. get into a dancing competition and we hear a bit about Mayweather’s childhood. Floyd says he got his trash talking from both his mother and his father.

We’re back at Camp Mosley, where his 19 year old son Shane Jr. is in his camp. Rock Allen is in camp, the 2004 Olympian and undefeated pro who is Naazim Richardson’s son. We hear about the stroke Richardson suffered three years ago, and how bleak things were looking. He was in the hospital for a month, and they said he would never walk again or speak again. He’s made a dramatic recovery that few would have believed.

We go into montage mode with shots of both camps, both guys training, and both guys talking about the fight. Mosley says Mayweather can say anything he wants as long as he shows up May 1st. Mayweather says of course he fights for money, “ya fucking dummy, I’m a prize fighter!” Some Rocky music is playing in the background as the men train, and the fight is just 21 days away. That wrapped up the first episode of Mayweather vs. Mosley 24/7.

The second episode airs next week, where we’ll take a further look at their training camp and preparation. Keep checking in with for recaps of Mayweather vs. Mosley 24 7 and all of the coverage on the big fight coming up in a few weeks.

Author: Jake Emen


Mosley, I Choose U

The hottest boxing news of the week is the Mayweather-Mosley fight “Who R U Picking?” which will happen on May 1, 2010 at the MGM Grand Arena in Vegas. It surely is a fight worthy of hard earned dollars because two champions will be locking for the win. So… who is it gonna be? Me, I am picking Sugar Shane Mosley.

It seems almost everybody is putting their bets on Mayweather. Mayweather is a cocky boxer, he puts his foot where his mouth is but his undefeated boxing record is surely something that one cannot overlook. He has a big mouth and a big ego but it is coupled with an unbeaten boxing record of 40-0, 25 KOs. Floyd has never fought any real 147-pounder because his previous opponents weigh at about 135 to 140 pounds.

For his part Sugar Shane Mosley (46-5, 39 knockouts) is a 5-time world champion and the current WBA welterweight champion. He is a very active boxer and a good puncher. He can outbox, outrun and outpunch any legitimate welterweight even in his age of 38 because he’s got a very physique and in a tip top shape. He is also very confident. In one interview he said, “"I'm pretty sure that Floyd will feel more power in this fight that he will have ever had to feel," said Mosley. "And if I can get that knockout, if I get that one shot, and if I can get him hurt, then I'm going to be all over him."

I like confidence and passion in a boxer so I am picking Mosley. Confidence fuels win and he is working hard in making sure he gets the win. Plus factor would be the inclusion of trainer Naazim Richardson in his training camp. Richardson was one of the trainers of legendary middleweight and light heavyweight king Bernard Hopkins. If Mosley can outscore and land heavy punch on Mayweather in the first four rounds then the game is set for Mosley because Mayweather will be forced to get in a head-on fight with him and won’t be running around so that he can get high percentage punches to cope with the point deficit. Sugar Shane is a brawler and likes KO’s. His record of 38-0 with 35 knockouts before his first loss by way of unanimous decision to Vernon Forrest in 2006 can attest to the fact that Mayweather will be facing his toughest opponent on May 1.

On hindsight, I think a Mosley-Pacquiao fight would be better than Pacquiao-Mayweather match. The fight would surely be blazing with the exchange of hard punches from two boxers who have made boxing viewing exciting for everyone. Should it happen…I wonder who would I pick as winner? Let’s reserve that thought some other time.

Ito na naman po si Gerry Penalosa para sa isang masayang kwentuhang boksing…Magandang araw sa lahat!

Author: Gerry PeƱalosa

Mayweather Calls Mosley a B*tch, Trashes 'Sugar' on 24/7

Floyd Mayweather Jr. made his big return to HBO's reality series, 24/7. This time the series follows Mayweather and his May 1 opponent, WBA welterweight champion Shane Mosley, as the two fighters prepare for their HBO pay-per-view mega-bout. Mayweather's trash talk in previous editions of 24/7 made the series a must watch show. As usual, Mayweather held nothing back during the program.

"Well, you know how these b*tches is in the sport, total disrespect," said Mayweather, describing the incident from last September, when Mosley challenged him in the ring before a live pay-per-view audience. Mayweather had just finished dominating.

The show played back to Max Kellerman's moderated interview with Mosley and Mayweather. During that interview session, Mosley reminded Mayweather about a conversation the two of them had a decade ago. Mosley told Mayweather during the Kellerman interview - "you said, 'I think you're a great fighter and I want to be just like you.'" Mayweather, also during that interview segment, denied making that statement.

During 24/7, Mayweather once again reflected on the statement made by Mosley - and went wild.

"Shane, I barely know who the f*ck you are. F*ck you mean I want to be like you? How do I want to be like you? Come on man, I'm the face of boxing. I'm the cash cow. I hold the record for! For the highest!" - Mayweather said.

"I saw him at one press conference wearing a green suit. I said 'my man, it's not St. Patrick's day.' You're not Money Mayweather so why are you wearing money green. You are not getting the biggest paycheck. You are getting your biggest paycheck facing me. Without me, you're not getting sh*t. I made more money in my last two fights than you made in your entire career."

And later Mayweather said the same thing - "How do I want to be like you when everyone wants to be the uno. The kid got a Jheri curl and it's 2010. He woke up in a hottub time machine. Shane Mosley said Floyd Mayweather fights for money. You f*cking dummy, I'm a prizefighter."

Author: Mark Vester


Mayweather reveals his plan: Avoid Pacquiao until retirement

There's more than one way to become number 1. The most commendable option would be to actually fight the best boxer in the word and defeat him, but Mayweather has another plan. If number 2 waits until number 1 retires, he automatically becomes number 1.

Recent statements made by Floyd Mayweather Jr. have further strengthened the speculations that he is avoiding Manny Pacquiao. In a video interview, Mayweather talked about the rematch clause in the Mosley fight.

Mayweather went so far as to say:

“If Shane Mosley want a rematch, I'll give him a rematch. After this, then if Pacquiao want it, he can get it too.”

No matter who wins this fight, there will be a rematch. This pushes the possibility of a fight with Pacquiao into next year.

Stephen Rafferty of Avoca, Arkansas has been an avid boxing fan for many years. He said:

“Mayweather knows if he gets in the ring with Pacquiao, he's on dangerous ground. He knows he's going to have to do the fight, but I think he's going to try to stall it for at least another two years. He needs Pacquiao, but this is Pacquiao's era. This is his time, and Mayweather doesn't want to get into the ring with him right now. Maybe he'll wait and then try to call Pacquiao out of retirement.”

Pacquiao has made it crystal clear that he has no intentions to jump through all of Mayweather's strategically placed hoops. He'll move on to fight somebody else once again. According to recent reports, Antonio Margarito is being taken into consideration as Pacquiao's next opponent.

AP Photo

Rafferty went on to explain why he thinks Mayweather is avoiding Pacquiao.

“Here's what Mayweather's looking at with Pacquiao. He's thinking; This is the only guy who can throw so many punches...what am I going to do when Pacquiao gets all up in my face?” Rafferty said. “Mayweather's a defensive fighter. When somebody told him that Pacquiao just threw 1,200 punches against a guy, it makes him wonder if if he can really defend against that many punches.”

Boxing enthusiast, Dale Pippin, who works in Rogers said:

“There's no way that Manny will throw as many punches at Mayweather as he did against Clottey because Mayweather will keep moving out of range. He won't just stand there and let Pacquiao hit him.”

It would be interesting to find out if Mayweather could stand up to an offensive fighter as quick, busy and skilled as Pacquiao. Many people think that Pacquiao's non-stop, buzzsaw attack would overwhelm him.

Apparently Floyd agrees.

It looks like he would rather risk fighting Mosley twice to avoid the bigger risk of squaring off with Pacquiao just once.

Author: Lorne Scoggins


Has Floyd Mayweather taken a future fight with Pacquiao off the table?

Recent comments from Floyd Mayweather in an interview with HBO ahead of his 24/7 series with Shane Mosley seem to have revealed his plans for the immediate future.

It is clear that for the moment, Shane Mosley is the only thing on Mayweather's mind.

In fact moment might have been a bit of an understatement. Mayweather states in the video below that he will give Mosley a rematch if he wants one.

Given the kind of money to be made, regardless of how the fight goes, Mosley will almost certainly want another shot.

He then says that Pacquiao can get some after that, and for no apparent reason reiterates that he is a clean fighter.

Later on in the interview he says:

“See Shane and other fighters, they can fight 3 and 4 times a year. I can’t. You know, when Floyd Mayweather fight, it’s like the All-Star, it’s like the Superbowl. It comes once a year"

Those two statement alone make it clear that the earliest we will probably see Mayweather even thinking about sharing a ring with Pacquiao would be two years from now. Assuming he doesn't intend to fight again this year and that Mosley indeed wants a rematch after their May fight.

Will Pacquiao even still be fighting in two years time? Maybe, but considering the lack of challengers out there at the moment this is far from a certainty. Also the fact that he has talked about retirement after his last two fights is far from an encouraging sign.

Similarly will either Pacquiao or Mayweather have declined much over the course of two years? The answer to that one is probably yes for Pacquiao and certainly for Mayweather, who already admits he is slowing down.

Its a little early to be drawing comparisons to B-Hop and Jones just yet, but the time for them to fight if they are going to is soon, not when Mayweather is perhaps 36 years old. If he gets beaten finally at that age, most will assume it was because he was past his best rather than facing a truly superior opponent.

From the looks ot things then, it looks as if Mayweather isnt that interested in a fight with Pacquiao at all. That might be an issue of being able to make more money with easier fights, or could just be that he feels he has nothing to prove to anyone.

Author: Scott Heritage


Michael Marley's bold call: Given 36 minutes, Pacquiao KO's Mayweather

It’s time to get off the fence. It’s time to declare myself before the voters in Sarangani choose Manny Pacquiao or Roy Chiongbian (who did he ever knock out?) for Congress.

Forget about "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington," it's nearly time to send Mr. Pacquiao To Manila. I’ve been leaning all the time towards Pacman scoring an shocking upset over Floyd Mayweather Jr. I stopped leaning, I’m jumping the fence completely as you will see and hear in my interview with Lamar Clark of Let them fight sometime in 2011, Mayweather will have lost another step or two by then. Yes, he will look amazingly slick and quick against Sugar Shane Mosley on May 1 but, then again, Brother Mosley is 38 years old. Money May shines against His Sugarship but styles make fights. Thirty six minutes, 12 rounds times three minutes, is a long time to evade Pacquiao’s chopping punches which come at some weird angles. How long? Too long for Mayweather as his “0" will go and he will get KTFO’d when (and if) he does step into the ring against an indestructible force named Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao. L’il Floyd can run. L’il Floyd can hide. But he can’t play Houdini for an entire 26 minutes.

The heat will rise, the furnace will smolder and those dipsy-do Mayweather shoulder rolls?

Have you ever seen what we butchers refer to as smoked shoulders? He will get cracked, cracked good and then the Mayweather Empire will go down in flames. I was hedging, yeah, but now I am certain that Manny will put a hurting on Mayweather.

Unstoppable? No fighter is that but Michael Marley sees ever improving Manny Pacquiao steamrolling Floyd Mayweather (Pacland) Maybe that’s why Floyd is delaying the inevitable, maybe that’s why he is throwing out sound bites about “granting” Mosley a second bout. Mayweather demanded the rematch clause, not Shanester.

Delay as long as you want, Floyd, Manny is not going away anytime soon. Three are three kinds of lies, you see, lies, damned lies and Mayweather lies. As for Mayweather’s spews, well I go back to what Idol Of Idols Muhammad Ali once said about Howard Cosell’s toupee. “That thing on your head is a phony, it comes from the tail of a pony.”

So it is with the Mayweather rants, confused, scripted and totally contrived jive.

Author: Michael Marley


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