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Moments ago officials were named for the May 1, Floyd Mayweather Jr-Shane Mosley mega-fight. Kenny Bayless will be the third man in the ring and judges will be Dave Moretti, Robert Hoyle and Adalaide Byrd. Remember where you heard it first 12:39 PM ET

Author: G. Leon

Floyd Mayweather: NBA Playoff Analysis Who Is Mayweather Picking?

Who R U Picking? That is the question on everyone's minds when it comes to the match-up between Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Sugar Shane Mosley which is set to take place May 1 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas and live on HBO Pay-Per-View®. While this mega-fight is fast approaching, the avid sports enthusiast Mayweather is still keeping a close eye on the NBA Playoffs set to kick off this Saturday. The king of the ring took time to share his thoughts on Kobe, King James and second year sensation Kevin Durant.

"I don't want to pick a winner right now, but all I know is the West is really tough," said Mayweather. "As far as players go I feel that Kobe deserves to be called the best and is the number one player in the NBA because he has the championships and showed he can win without Shaq."

"Next I would have to say Kevin Durant is amazing as he is so consistent and got his team to the Playoffs in only his second year. Lebron is great too. He has tremendous commercials and is so tough. It is going to be a tight Playoff run for any team and I just wish all the athletes the best. At that level, they are all great athletes."

While Mayweather would not give away his picks, he added:

"I don't bet on boxing or myself but I do bet on basketball and football. It's going to be a tough Playoff series and I am looking forward to making some money on it too."

Money Mayweather's chance to shut up his critics

Floyd Mayweather Jr has had an earl full of hateful and down right mean comments made about him for quite awhile now. Most of his detractors criticize him for cherry picking smaller opponents. It is true that Floyd has indeed fought a lot of smaller guys, but that does not take away from his skills in the ring.

Yes, he is the one who demanded that Manny Pacquiao undergo mandatory random blood testing. A demand that flushed the big mega fight between the two down the drain. It just poured more fuel on the fire making his critics hate him even more. Again though, at the end of the day Floyd is undefeated. If anyone thinks that Floyd Mayweather Jr is losing sleep because the majority of Pacquiao fans dislike him, they are sorely mistaken.

With that said, he does have an opportunity to silence his critics. Well, does anyone think that his critics will ever be silent? Probably not, but if he beats Shane Mosley his critics will have no choice but to respect his fight game more.

Mississippians that this writer has spoken with favor a Mayweather victory over Mosley. I spoke with James Clearwater of Byram, Mississippi who is a bigtime Mayweather fan. I ran into James at the Last Call Bar & Grill, a local Jackson, MS sports bar. Clearwater is tired of reading about Floyd's critics, ' Everyone likes to talk smack about Floyd. The only reason Pacquiao is the pound for pound king is because Floyd retired. They can talk all they want, but when the day does come when Floyd and Manny fight, there is going to be a lot of Filipino's the next day that will be running with their tails tucked between their legs."

Mayweather vs. Mosley is an interesting match up. Mosley is no joke and he will force the action. Mayweather has his work cut out for him, but he's never been afraid to work hard. He comes into his fights in great shape, and from all reports he is having a strong training camp.

Floyd is a guy that likes to talk. He is not shy about waving his money around, and he is not a guy that lets his critics bother him. He will show up ready to fight against Shane Mosley and with a victory he will force those who doubt him to rethink some things.

Author: Brad Cooney


Mayweather Jr very confident and cocky 2 weeks before the fight ‘No one has a chance to beat me'

During his Las Vegas media day, Floyd Mayweather Jr was on top of his game. The game he has perfected over his career; the game of trash talking. Once gain, Floyd Mayweather Jr let the world know how confident he was in himself. Let’s examine further:
"No one has a chance to beat me. All of these fighters do the same interviews, talking about how they are going to beat me. Guess what? Same interviews, same results. It hasn't happened yet.” Mayweather Jr
Well, Floyd is correct in the fact that nobody has beaten him yet. But, it’s common knowledge that many question his choice of opponents over his career. Even boxers like Miguel Cotto and George Foreman have questioned Mayweather’s courage and selection of fights.
Now, I think Shane does have a chance to beat Floyd. In fact, Team Mayweather also thinks there’s a small chance which is one of the reasons why they had an immediate rematch clause put into the fight contract. Manny Pacquiao has a great chance of beating Mayweather Jr if that fight were to ever happen. Obviously, Floyd blew a lot of smoke with this comment.
"My main focus is who I am facing at the time. So many try to build an opponent or a fighter to figure me out and no one has done it yet and Shane won't do it either.” Floyd Jr
This is absolutely false. Mayweather Jr has made many comments about Manny over the last few months to the point that people were questioning whether he was even focused on the Mosley fight. I do believe Mayweather is focused on the Mosley fight now. However, I think he was more focused on Manny before.
"It doesn't matter who I am fighting, I always fight with tenacity.”
Wrong again Pretty Boy! You ran away from De La Hoya in the last few rounds of the fight. Legendary boxer George Foreman even called out Floyd calling him ‘scared’ because he thought Floyd ran away for several rounds.
“I can make anybody look like a nobody.”
I have two thoughts on this comment. It’s easy to make a fighter look like a ‘nobody’ when they are nobodies. I’d say 70% of the fighters that Floyd faced can be considered a ‘nobody’. My other thought on this comment is the fact that Mayweather made Hatton look like a ‘somebody’. He went into the later rounds with Hatton before getting a victory. Pacquiao put Hatton into retirement. Now, that’s making a fighter look like a ‘nobody’.
Robert Yahner Sacramento, CA “Do you think Mayweather Jr really believes that he can beat anyone?
I actually do think that Mayweather believes he can, especially when most of the fighters are either too old or too small when Mayweather fights them. However, put him in the ring with Manny and Floyd’s undefeated streak would be over.

Author: Rick Rockwell


Analyzing Floyd Mayweather's comments: "There is no blueprint to beat me"

Floyd Mayweather was brash as usual when speaking to the media in Las Vegas today, and put forward some interesting ideas about his career and upcoming bout with Shane Mosley.

To start the ball rolling, Mayweather talked at length about how he was the best boxer in the world, and how he had beaten fighters like Mosley all his career.

"There is a blue print to beat him because he has lost five times already. But there is no blueprint to beat me. I think he feels the pressure. I don't have any pressure. I am just getting ready to fight."

While there are blueprints to beating Mosley, there is a largely successful one for beating Mayweather as well. Oscar De La Hoya fought a good fight against Mayweather, and lacked only the gas tank to get the job done.

Mosley of course isn't the same kind of fighter as Oscar though, and will have to rely more on his strength and speed than technique. The big difficulty with fighting Mayweather though is that he usually adapts to most fighters after the first few rounds.

"I think Shane is acting out of character. Why would someone wait until they were 38 years old to get a tattoo? I think he feels the pressure of this fight and is thinking about how he is going to beat me"

While getting a tattoo suddenly at the age of 38 is certainly strange move, but it probably doesn't have anything to do with the fight. Mosley went through a divorce not long ago, which probably accounts for any seemingly sudden changes he's making. I think even if the fight had never happened Mosley would have gotten the same tattoo.

"No one has a chance to beat me. All of these fighters do the same interviews, talking about how they are going to beat me. Guess what? Same interviews, same results. It hasn't happened yet."

Claiming that there is literally no one who could conceivably beat him is a little beyond the confines of reality for someone who still has a long way to go in clearing out his current division. Throughout Mayweather's career many have accused him of ducking the best fighters when he should have been looking for them. Even now many doubt he will ever step into the ring against Manny Pacquiao, and like the rest of the division he didn't want anything to do with Paul Williams.

Perhaps Mayweather should have changed his speech to "No one I will take a fight against has a chance to beat me". Of the opponents Mayweather has faced though, Mosley probably has the best chance outside of De La Hoya.

Arnold Lister, Pittsburgh: "Only Mayweather would declare no one has a chance to beat him. If he wasn't the future star Oscar would have gotten that decision and he would already have a loss"

James, Hollister Greensburg:"The stuff Mayweather was saying about Mosley was true in a way, he does struggle against boxers. At the same time though Mayweather struggles with speed, and Mosley hits a lot harder than Judah"

Author: Scott Heritage


Shane Mosley admits to EPO use on video

In current times, nothing can be more damning than video.

Recently, on YouTube, a video was leaked by user buzzebra of Shane Mosley's October, 2009 depostition where the legendary boxer admits to using the performance enhancing drug EPO (erythropoietin) in relation to his second victory over Oscar De La Hoya in 2003.

This may not be breaking news, as it has long be known that Mosley used PEDS under the guidance of Victor Conte, but to watch Mosley - a fighter beloved by many - admit his guilt on video, is a stab to his image and credibility no written work could inflict.

Author: Ricardo Lois


'We know the Pacquiao fight is eventually going to happen'-- Floyd Mayweather Jr.

While Manny Pacquiao is busy campaigning for a congressional seat in Saranggani Province in the Philippines, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is also hard at work trying to promote his upcoming fight against 'Sugar' Shane Mosley on May 1st.

I was surprised to see a feature on Mayweather in the latest issue of SLAM magazine, my favorite basketball magazine out there and one of the first print media publications my writings were ever published in.

The feature showcased Mayweather's usual braggadocio -- swag/ arrogance/ call it what you want, you know it's not humility -- and his knowledge about the NBA as well.

Mayweather chimed in on the Kobe-LeBron debate and said, "When it's all said and done, at the end of your career and the end of the day, it's about championships. Can LeBron win one championship? Yes, it's possible. As of right now, we're not talking about 'wouldas' and 'couldas'. We're talking about what's going on. Kobe has won championships."

But that of course doesn't apply to his boxing philosophy, right? He did after all said championships and legacy don't matter and he's all about getting money. He also blasted Pacquiao, the guy that holds the record for most world championship belts in different weight classes (seven).

Mayweather insisted that he is what's going on at the moment in boxing. Despite Pacquiao's string of impressive victories against bigger, top flight opponents in the past two years, Mayweather pointed out Pacquiao's knockout losses more than ten years ago when he was practically an amateur and continued on by flaunting his undefeated pro record (Mayweather lost six times as an amateur).

Mayweather also revealed this:

"We have two fights that we know will happen. The Shane fight is May 1. We know the Pacquiao fight is eventually going to happen."

So what gives?

Is there a deal already in place for Pacquiao-Mayweather to happen?

Are they simply hyping their superfight up by allowing it to simmer and building it up by fighting other in-house fighters like how Top Rank had Pacquiao face Joshua Clottey and GBP pitting Mosley against Floyd?

Makes sense if you ask me. More money for both parties and it also gave fans a couple more fights instead of one had the fight already gone down last March.

Whatever it is, I just hope Mayweather is speaking the truth on this one. I already know how that can go. He did after all say Marquez was the biggest challenge for him then, only to admit now that Marquez is simply a tune-up fight.

So is Mosley his tune-up for Pacquiao? That may very well be his belief. Mosley however, is a very capable party crasher.

Author: Dennis "dSource" Guillermo


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