Saturday, April 17, 2010

What Mayweather doesn't understand about fans

Neither Manny Pacquiao fans from The Philippines nor first generation Americans aren't the only ones that dislike everything to do with Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

The silent majority average white guy has turned on Floyd. This is more often than not they have turned pro - Pacquiao. This is one election I know Pacquiao can win.

It has almost nothing to do with only fighting guys smaller than him as a reason for the distrust in Floyd. Although over this long a period of time it should stand for something. Like a fact.

Everything with Floyd is a big idiotic production nobody wanted to see in the first place and it usually involves police being needed to sort things out.

He can fight, at least when he wants to. But can he fight when he needs to? Castillo twice at 135 weren't really tests. At least the first Castillo shouldn't have been but was only because Floyd was to cocky. Corrales at 130? Not even a challenge. He was headed to jail and took the fight for short money out of desperation. Corrales was almost 10 years ago. A long time for anyone to be on the big stage.

But Mayweather going small with Juan Manual Marquez? I'll wait and see if the 38 year age of Shane Mosley at 147 causes any problems that the 37 year old JM Marquez at lightweight but on fight night 142 couldn't.

Floyd really became socially obnoxious to me during his first retirement. He still needed the attention. But now his behavior is a bad habit and it doesn't seem as if his mentor in Golden Boy has any control over him as they are chasing the buck and Las Vegas favors they almost lost to Dallas if Mayweather vs. Pacquiao actually happened March 13 in Cowboys Stadium.

Incredibly, I'm wagering a minimum 80% of new Pacquiao fans are so because of his personality.

Having a good personality is a very good thing, Floyd. You should try it some day. Cutting off those that only seek the truth usually comes back to nip your backside.

Author: Matt Stolow


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